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On-line Digital contracts

Gayadeed is an application that helps companies and professionals to
securely sign agreements, instantly, from anywhere in the world, thanks to a built-in video-conferencing system, business process workflows and legally binding electronic signature systems.

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Gayadeed's benefits


Helps to reduce time and costs in an environmentally friendly way.


Conclude deals without friction or distraction. All you need is a PC and a mobile phone.

Full privacy

The built-in Video conferencing system prevents personal data leakage.


Compliant with eIDAS regulated eSignatures.

Legal value!

Gaya is compliant to eIDAS (Electronic IDentification Authentication and Signature), assuring legal validity to the agreements signed with this platform.

Gayadeed has been selected in 1st eSSIF-LAB Open Call

eSSIF-Lab is an EU-funded project that aims to promote the widespread deployment of Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI) as the next generation digital identity solution, for faster and more secure electronic transactions over the Internet and in real life.

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